Week 12, 2017
Updated database for Retribution 1.0 A'rdan Vulpayne 09.12.2012 - 10:05:17
+ New ships (Dragoon, Corax, Algos, Talwar, Venture)
+ Added a bunch of special edition Catalysts to the ships table which I forgot to do last time.
+ Schema change (dgmtypeattributes.typeID from TINYINT to INT(11) to allow stats pages of special ships to display the correct information.
+ Changed moons table column names to be more in line with EDK format.
+ New table kb3_stations in preparation for some new code MiniMoo is working on.
+ New stuff added to the game is now in the database. eg. Micro Jump Drive
Amarr Militia Team Speak Server A'rdan Vulpayne 13.02.2012 - 20:13:39
Greetings Sisters and Brothers!
The Amarr Militia Ventrilo Server was closed and is now replaced with an Amarr Militia Team Speak Server!
Details you will find here!
Posting Rules A'rdan Vulpayne 04.03.2010 - 10:41:16
Reminder - please check the Posting Rules before you post killmails! Thank you.
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Active campaigns
Name Start date Kills ISK (B) Losses ISK (B) Efficiency
Reclaiming (so far) 2007-07-19 163844 1112450.81 109902 2680867.71 29.33
Out of FW Regions 2007-07-19 9377 730.75 7051 1139.62 39.07
Saturday, November 6th

Ship type Victim Final blow System Inv. Time comments
Infrastructure Hub
Infrastructure Modules
Damu'Khonde X6AB-Y
Jondar Valador
Intergalactic Crossing
X6AB-Y (0.0)
41 20:52 0
Saturday, January 30th

Ship type Victim Final blow System Inv. Time comments
Ore Prospecting A...
Infrastructure Modules
Gallente Federation Launais
Gallente Federation
Major Templar
9-F0B2 (0.0)
7 20:28 0
Eve Time
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Top Corporations
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