Factional Warfare Statistics
ArayarAmarr EmpireY
AsghedAmarr EmpireY
HalmahAmarr EmpireY
LabapiAmarr EmpireY
RoushzarAmarr EmpireY
SosanAmarr EmpireY
TararanAmarr EmpireY
ArzadAmarr EmpireY
EzzaraAmarr EmpireY
OyemanAmarr EmpireY
RaaAmarr EmpireY
SifilarAmarr EmpireY
TzviAmarr EmpireY

The Bleake Lands
HuolaAmarr EmpireN
OyonataAmarr EmpireY
SaidusairosAmarr EmpireY
TannakanAmarr EmpireY
AnkaAmarr EmpireY
KamelaAmarr EmpireY
KourmonenAmarr EmpireY
LamaaAmarr EmpireY
HarasAmarr EmpireY
KurniainenAmarr EmpireY
IesaAmarr EmpireY
SaikamonAmarr EmpireY
SosalaAmarr EmpireY
UusanenAmarr EmpireY
SahtogasAmarr EmpireY

EbolferAmarr EmpireY
HofjaldgundAmarr EmpireY
OntornAmarr EmpireY
SirekurMinmatar RepublicY
ArdarAmarr EmpireY
AunerMinmatar RepublicY
HadozekoAmarr EmpireY
AvenodAmarr EmpireY
EytjangardAmarr EmpireY
FloseswinAmarr EmpireY
IsbrabataAmarr EmpireY
TurnurAmarr EmpireY
UisperAmarr EmpireY
VimeiniAmarr EmpireY
EgmarAmarr EmpireY
GukarlaAmarr EmpireY
KlogoriAmarr EmpireY
OrfroldAmarr EmpireY
TaffAmarr EmpireY
UalkinAmarr EmpireY
ArnherAmarr EmpireY
ArnsturAmarr EmpireY
BrinAmarr EmpireY
EvatiAmarr EmpireY
HelgatildMinmatar RepublicY
LasleinurAmarr EmpireY
OfstoldMinmatar RepublicY
TodifrauanAmarr EmpireY
EszurAmarr EmpireY
FrerstornAmarr EmpireY
GebuladiMinmatar RepublicN
AsetAmarr EmpireY

AmamakeMinmatar RepublicY
SiseideAmarr EmpireY
VardAmarr EmpireY
BosbogerMinmatar RepublicY
LulmMinmatar RepublicY
AugaMinmatar RepublicY
DalMinmatar RepublicY
LantornAmarr EmpireY
GulmorogodAmarr EmpireY

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